EuroNews 11-2006, Euroboard

From Austria: History Tree Europe

The history tree Europe has many branches named Germany, Poland, France, Culture, Politics, Church and many more. The roots symbolize the shared origin of the countries and regions. A poster of the history tree is already used in Austrian classrooms. Historians say that it is now easier to gain knowledge about the European history and the connections within Europe.

Anne-Frank-Museum in Berlin

The permanent exhibition “Anne Frank here & today“ can bee seen in Berlin since this October. The main goal of the exhibition is “to build a bridge between history and present”; says the director of the house, Thomas Heppener. The world famous diary of the young Jewish girl, who was murdered in 1945 at the age 15 by the nazis, is not only a symbol of the holocaust but also “personal reference of a young woman.” The exhibition is not content with Anne Frank’s personal story alone but offers videos and material about young people from today. “Because the worries and sorrows articulated in the diary are also the worries of the youth from today.” Anne-Frank-Zentrum, Rosenthaler Straße 39, Berlin

A Blog for History

The British people were asked online to portray their experiences with the 17. October as part of the campaign “History matters“. The result is a collective “Day of History“ which will be archived in the British Library for future generations. It was said that the 17. October was chosen, because it was a normal day.

Further education in Europe

The head office education and culture of the European commission gives an overview over all opportunities for further education for EU citizens of all ages.

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