EuroNews 01-2007, Editorial

Actually, the New Year started quite well. The European Union welcomes two new members states on the first day of 2007, namely Bulgaria and Romania. The first elections in Europe were in Serbia this year. The election stabilised the democratic forces there. This is already a success. Still, this alone is not sufficient, of course. And everybody who would like to know what young Europeans expect for themselves and their countries this year should read the EuroNews. Numerous articles from Europe reached us again. By the way we got articles from the new EU member Romania and from one, which aims at a membership in the European Union as quickly as possible, namely Serbia. Besides all that we have enough other interesting articles in our 8th edition of the EuroNews, for example the well-known Eurobaord and a very interesting portrait of a young Polish author. Enough reading matter from Europe for the short, dark and cold winter’s days, which finally become a little longer and brighter.

Enjoy reading,
Jutta Richter und Torsten Haselbauer

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