EuroNews 01-2007, News Servia in the New Year

Our Serbian-reporter Ivana Marinkovic from Belgrade about the situation in her country at the beginning of 2007.

Before the expected 31st of December, people all over the world glanced at their dreams; they recapitulate what they had done in the previous year, and what they want to happen…The same is with every individual, group of people, further more with a state… What can I wish to my country? And how can I contribute?

Few days ago there was a big fuss in Serbia, parliamentary elections have been announced for the 21st of January and every political party was trying to achieve enough votes to pass the threshold and enter the government, either it was the democratic or the radical opposition they were promising a wide spectrum of different goals: “Serbia will enter the EU”, “Serbia will establish the good institutions”, “Serbia will do this … Serbia will do that” – But what has Serbia had actually done in the past few years? After the war in Bosnia, Serbia had tried to improve the social status and economics, yet a lot of aspects are uncovered with changes, such are education, health care, and a refugee status. Living in the Balkans, people have witnessing the war in Bosnia and Croatia, and Kosovo as well, and I think that they should give more attention to people who had suffered from war, especially kids in Bosnia, and war victims on the territory of Former Republic of Yugoslavia. The only solution is, speaking of democratic and drastic changes in Serbian politics, that democracy should be placed, ad hoc, through out the whole region of the Balkans, but we cannot just sit and wait for the miracle to happen.

And, again, that is my biggest fear, that Serbian politics is acting slow – Politicians talk a lot, but they do little. As a result, it took us nearly 5 years to sign the PFP, and who knows how many more years to solve the problem at Kosovo. But what do we do? Rien du tout, just completely nothing, we are still waiting for the European Commission or other EU institution to deal with the problem. In the meanwhile, thousands of people live there, in Pristina, or other villages, towns or roads, Serbian or Albanian, without water, shelter, food and basic human needs.

The way I see the picture of Serbia is that it is standing in the middle of an EU crossroad, with a lot of paths and roads, some of them are modern highways, the other are bad quality roads. And Serbia needs to make a choice, together with its citizens, weather we will go straight to progress, or backwards to where we have been in the last 15 years? In order to make a rational choice we have to have an aim, to become members of the EU, and due to that, we need to respect each other, learn about each other and guard our neighbors, in order to establish peace and mutual understanding that exist on the region on the whole of Europe. Serbia needs to think, act, contribute and move. Alea iacta est, and we should make our 1000miles step into bright future!

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