EuroNews 02-2007, European Capital of Culture 2007

Welcome to Sibiu/Hermannstadt
Sibiu/Hermannstadt in Romania was appointed together with the city of Luxembourg to be the European cultural capital (CCE) of 2007 after final vote of the minister’s of culture council of the European Union on the 27th May, 2004. Sibiu/Hermannstadt with a multicultural profile of the 800 year-old city stresses the motto “City of Culture – City of Culture”.

Sibiu/Hermannstadt was always considered as a city of culture and art and it is the cultural capital of Romania with a long history. Known in German as Hermannstadt/Sibiu has always been the center of Romania’s German minority since medieval times. Even today, it contains Romania’s largest German community, and, due to initiatives by the local government, the Germanic feel of the area has been maintained. Sibiu also has a significant Hungarian minority, remnants of Transylvania’s past as part of the Hungarian Empire and, later, Austria-Hungary., Sibiu manages to fuse these three cultures, as well as smaller minorities of Roma, Slovaks and Ukrainians into a city that is as wonderful as it is vibrant.

After few rounds of public meetings and debates, the representatives of the local actors decided to form an NGO which will be entrusted with the organization of Sibiu/Hermannstadt 2007. The Juridical Department of the Municipality undertook the first steps towards establishing a non-lucrative association named “Association Sibiu/Hermannstadt European Capital of Culture 2007”. The Management Board of the Association Sibiu/Hermannstadt European Capital of Culture 2007 is entitled to take the decisions regarding the organization of the European Capital of Culture Sibiu/Hermannstadt 2007. It created an interesting program with many events for 2007.
Sibiu/Hermannstadt has a long tradition and a rich history and many people might not know that the first hospital in Sibiu/Hermannstadt was build in 1292, the first school in 1380, the first pharmacy in 1494, the first book in Romanian language in 1544 and that the first movie was played in 1898 in a local theatre here.

A great number of cultural monuments, a diversity of museums, and various artistic and cultural events, make up the pillars of a complex cultural profile. Using this simple premise, an attractive and stimulating atmosphere has been created for residents and visitors who take the opportunity to experience cultural life in this Transylvanian city. Sibiu/Hermannstadt has a Philharmonic Orchestra that performs weekly concerts of classical and modern symphonic music, also organizes an international piano festival (this year from the 7th to the 31st of May). Sibiu/Hermannstadt has a two century history of theatrical shows which can be traced to the two theatres of the present.

Today, old Sibiu still possesses much of its charm, a character carefully preserved for posterity, and subject of several high-profile restoration projects. It invites everybody to stroll through the small streets and to explore the city on foot. It offers a good selection of restaurants with fine wines, cafes and beer gardens.

Hermannstadt online: the web pages or offer all the important information about the ongoing cultural events in 2007 and great pictures. They also offer detailed information on the history of the city and there is a page about the great piano festival:

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