EuroNews 02-2007, Serbia standing still?

Kosovo, Mladic and the EU

In Serbia, it is somewhat unclear what the actual condition for the talks to continue is: Mladić’s arrest or Kosovo status solution?

However, the conditions have been defined clearly, and that means full cooperation with the Hague Tribunal. Full cooperation means Mladić in the Hague, full cooperation can also mean the removal of any doubt that the Government is doing all that needs to be done to extradite Mladić.

So that’s it – Kosovo is a problem of its own and has nothing to do with Serbia’s integration with the rest of Europe, they say so.

Talks about integration will not continue before this condition, the full Hague cooperation, is met.

Serbia organized an incredible activity, formed a working group, action plan, opened access to the archives entirely, opened up the services, so that the Tribunal experts could access them.

Promises from the Serbian Government were made that they really want to arrest Mladić, extradite him to the Hague Tribunal.

Now it is a positive moment for Serbia in the European Union and this needs to be taken advantage of.

In EU, there are discussions on how to help Serbia in order to create a pro-European atmosphere, for the country to become more Euro-optimistic than it is today, since currently the European Union doesn’t top the popularity list in the community.

The main problem is that you can tell how fast a track runner runs once he starts to run, but when he’s standing in one spot you can’t say how long it will take him to reach the finish line. It’s the same with Serbia – it is currently standing still.

The process was on the right track and the European Commission estimates showed that Serbia has shown a high level of what is known as an administrative capacity. In other words, Serbia has ministries, it has institutional bodies ready to cooperate, since as you know the process is a huge administrative undertaking. It is said that the reactions were positive in Brussels and around Europe.

Finally, when Ratko Mladić is arrested and Hague cooperation is completed, once the Kosovo status problem is solved in the best way, is there anything else that can be asked of Serbia as far as the association discussions with the European Union are concerned?

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