Sport is very important

There are many reasons to do sport

It is good for the body and it is nice to sport with other people. When you come home after school and you have learned many times it is a good idea to relax. So a lot of people take chips and crisps or other bad things and watch TV. But you have no social contact with other people. And most of all you become fat when you do that many times.
So the best solution for that kind of problem is to sport. There are many different kind of sports and you have to choose the one that you like the most. For example me, I like running so I run 3 times a week. When you are fanatical you can join in a club, it is possible that you make friends and that you like it.

But there are also disadvantages in the sport.
For example, when you are too fanatical it is possible that you get injured, or that you train too many times and that your body is not able to keep it up. But that problems are your own fault because a good sportsmen knows when he or she has to take a break. To take a break is also part of the sport! There are also some people who want to fight with people because they are fan of an other country of an other club. In my opinion, that kind of people don’t have the possibility to visit a match or training. Guus Hiddink, the Dutch coach of the Russian football team that has beaten the Dutch football teams, is threatened by some people from his own country! And that is not the meaning of sport.

Top-class sport is a very important topic in the world. Every little child is fan of one of the strongest, fastest sportsmen in the world. The most famous sport is soccer of course. There are so many people who play soccer of watched it. In my country( the Netherlands) is soccer also the most famous sport. Since this year we have also a Eredivisie ( the Dutch Premier League, Bundesliga or Serie A) for women.

A good example of how famous soccer is, is the Eurovision contest. The Dutch team played very well in the group matches and the entire world knew it. Everybody said that the Dutch team would be in the final with Portugal but both countries lost in the quarterfinal. In every newspaper was the Dutch team world news with victories on the world champion and the second team of the world.

The reason that football is the most famous sport in the world is the money. Everyone with money buys a football club for example Chelsea. The football players are very expensive. Christiano Ronaldo the player from Portugal plays yet in Manchester but Real Madrid wants to buy him for € 100.000.000. That kind of amounts are absurd. And another important reason is that so many people plays football.

An other famous topic in the world of top-class sport are the Olympics in China. Some people say that the games must be boycotted. I’m glad that didn’t happen. Because when you this Olympics boycott, the next games in London will be boycott by people from China so it will never come to a good end. And what about the participators? They have trained very long and than they can’t participate. That would be very bad for them. The people who want to boycott Beijing or who don’t agree with that country had to say it at the beginning and not when the Olympics start in few weeks. Sport and politics must be separated.

Next month is the start the Olympics and the Tour de France. That is the most famous cycling contest in the world. Some teams are not allowed to participate because the are to small. But there are also teams who don’t have the permission because team members had used dope. Most people know the team of Astana from Kazakhstan. Last Tour the most famous sportsmen from Kazakhstan, Alexandre Vinokourov, used dope and was positive on dope. Later that year in Turkey someone else from Astana, Andrei Kashechkin, was also positive on dope. The whole cycling world hates Astana. But this year Astana has changed from leader and cyclers( Alberto Contador) but they have still no permission to do the Tour. That is not fair in my opinion because all the cyclers who had used dope of Astana are gone and the whole team has changed. So it is beautiful that Alberto Contador won the Giro d’Italia. A lot of people in especially Germany are totally focussed on dope and I think that is not the solution for that problem. The best solution is the treatment too Justin Gatlin(USA). He had use dope for the second time and now he can’t participate in Beijing. And that is his own fault!

The Netherlands
In the Netherlands is ice-skating a very important sport. In our country are many people who skate on ice. That is the reason that the Netherlands have good skaters at the international contests. For example Sven Kramer, Ireen Wüst and Pauline van Deutenkom. In the Nerherlands are also little teams like TVM and DSB Bank. So not every skater is coached by the same coach like in other countries. And that makes the Netherlands a good ice-skating country.

An other good example of the Dutch sport is football. The Netherlands lost in the quarterfinal of Russia but the Eurovision contest for young people(under 23) is won by the Netherlands for the second time in two years. The reason for that is that the Netherlands have a lot of football clubs. And of course clubs in Spain, Italy, England and Germany are better but for younger people is the Dutch environment very instructive. Dutch coaches train teams and countries in the entire world, for example Guus Hiddink (South-Korea, Australia and Russia), Dick Advocaat (Zenit Sint-Petersburg), Arno Pijpers (Kazakhstan) and since this year Erwin Koeman (Hungary). Almost every boy in the Netherlands is playing football.

Sven Kramer, Lisa Habermehl (Netherlands), June 2008

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