Economical crisis = human crisis?

The bankrupcy in the United States in 2008 evoked the economical crisis which  spread in the world, hit a huge amount of the states and obviously changed the level of living in the whole world. The unemployment rate, which used to stand on its average of 5%, grew to 9 or 10%. Millions of people have been unemployed and a lot of youth had to change their plans for the future; either by finding a job in order to support financially their families or moving abroad.

The second possibility seems to be the most frequented. Why not? Moving abroad means speaking languages, meeting different cultures and being economically active in such interesting fields as business, travel movement or the above-mentioned languages. Canada and Northern Europe are the two places which regularly welcome students from various countries and offer them job occasions and accommodation.

These movements and consequences of the crisis lead to changements in the human´s relations. A few years before, nearly everything was possible. Our mothers and fathers were working, youth could start some good job just after finishing their studies, travel agencies and business enterprises prospered thanks to the large number of customers, coming to satisfy their needs. Nowaday, the standard of living felt and economists can only hope for the better future.

The economical crisis was caused by the irrational money lents to people who were not able to remund them. But what about the today´s inability? Money became very valuable at these times and many indebted people are not able to handle with money so as to decrease the debt. And this is the neverending roundabout which the politicians try to stop by the fiscal changements and development politics of entertainment and independent work possibilities. Despite the doubts of  the inhabitants, let´s believe in the massive changements which our countries will experience.

KATERINA VOJTECHOVA, August 2010, Czech Republic

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