Edna Brocker: “Facebook just gets you nervous”

Edna Brocker believes that facebook just gets you nervous. The war in Israel has no solution. Giving two or three years of youth to the army is not only a matter of need, but also surviving. As Essen’s Synagogue Museum Director she knows how it feels to be a Jew. Born in Tel Aviv, Brocker studied in Jerusalem and moved to Germany for one year of studies. The years passed and Germany became her second home. Edna Brocker and European Youth Voice talked after a visit to the museum that she rules for the last 23 years.
European Youth Voice (EYV): The concept of presence does not exist to Jews?
Edna Brocker (EB): What is presence? presence is only one second while past and future meet. In the moment I say a word it’s already past. The presence is always moving with us. So we have presence: you were presence when you were dancing, but in the moment you stopped, it was past. So, in the philosophical point of view, there is no presence.
EYV: For most of the young people the time is “now”. It’s all about the presence. So do the young Jews have a different way of seeing things?
EB: Young Jews are just like any other young people. They are not so fixed to things like facebook, because the existence in Israel is much more difficult than in any European country. But concerning those terms [past, present and future] they think just like you. But I think there are no real benefits [in facebook], I prefer meeting my friends in person. It just makes you nervous. Internet is important to get information, but it’s dangerous too.
EYV: When we discuss integration issues, is it common to hear the argument that religion is the problem.
EB: The matter is not religion. Religions that are based on missionary activity have to be aggressive, because they think that they have found the highest level of belief – Christianity and Islam are two missionary religions so they fight for life or death. Judaism never acted missionary activities, ever. The problem is not religion, it’s politics.
EYV: About the war in Israel, is the dialogue possible? Is there a solution?
EB: No. We have already lost the war, it’s just a matter of time. Of how long we can resist. The young people know they have to be prepared, because we know there will be a war, the only question is when and where.
Proofreading by Ladislav Kolar, Czech Republic
Photo by Philippe Dohmen, Germany

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    I like your article very much! I absolutely agree with the lady´s opinion that the Jews are young people like the others…nicely written, nice photo, good idea 🙂

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