Hindu Temple seen through the eyes of a christian

Imagine you are visiting Germany, that land where everything has it’s own place, everything is sober and calculated (especially the grandious chatedrals belonging to catholics).

Accidentally, you find out that near by it’s situated the biggest hindu temple in Central Europe. You decide you really need something different, and you try to find the place, and try, and try…maybe due to the fact that  it’s situated outside the European culture, is also put at the outskirts of Hamm. I guess you need some sort of space in order to understand this completly different place.

First, you get surprised when you are announced that you must get your shoes off and also the objects made of leather. First thought: ‘My god is not so rigid and he is not allergic to leather either’

My saints have golden painting, their gods receive enourmeous chancels decorated with statues in powerfull colors and different shapes.Another thing about gods relates to the priests: my priests read prays, the hindu ones gives them food. But all in all, they relay to the same thing.

Now it is obvoius that you stepped into a completly different culture. Until your guide askes you to sit on the floor and to hear a story. A story about a world where every little thing has a pure spirit (hmm…sounds like the holy spirit),  a world where each god has a due (exactly like christian saints), a world that bring 25.000 in the same place, on the same day simply to pray (you can’t think of something else besides Easter day in Vatican).

I consider that for a christian, the experience of  visiting a hindu temple is a must and you have to see thing in comparison: resemblaces and differences.

Alexandra Maier, Romania, November 2010

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