Part IV – The North and the South


“Is that a new brand of Vodka?!”

“-Which of nations are the richest in the world?
-Because they are not fast enough to spend their salaries!”

You know you are from Estonian when…

1. You attended a song festival at least once either as a performer or as a spectator.
2. You declare your taxes on the internet like all modern people
3. You actually believed for a while that Latvians had 6 toes per foot when you heard that as a child
4. You are convinced that Estonia is very strategically located
5. You truly believe that there can never be too much sarcasm
6. It would not be surprising for English-speakers to find your name naughty – Peep, Tiit, Andres [sounds like undress])
7. You think that any beverage below 20% is non-alcoholic
8. When someone asks you “where is Estonia?” you quickly reply that it’s located in Northern Europe close to Finland…
9. A foreigner speaks to you in broken horrible Estonian and you go on and on about how wonderful their Estonian is compared to “the Russians'”

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“The most beautiful part of Spain!”

You know you are from Portugal when:

1. Your mother or grandmother has Maria in her name. Your father or grandfather is called Manuel, Jose, Antonio,
2. You warn other drivers of police on the highway by flashing your lights, even though one of the drivers might have just robbed a bank.
3. You baptize your child and send him to catechism even though you might never go to church except for weddings and funerals.
4. You park on the sidewalk when necessary, even asking the person standing there to please move away.
5. You think Brazilians speak incorrect Portuguese and will not read a book written in Brazilian Portuguese.
6. You say that the Portuguese, unlike the Spanish, are good at learning foreign languages.
7. You think that 2am is too early to go to bed and that 11am is too early to get out of bed.
8. A barbecue does not consist of burgers on the grill… Hello! Can you say sardinhas?
9. Your grandmother tells you look sick because you are too thin.

Portugal is the country that promotes itself as the place where you have the opportunity “to do nothing at all”.  For more information on Portugal and Portuguese habits, please confer the slideshow above (made in Germany/ by original Portuguese 😉

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