Retailing dreams: Or why I’m not moving yet to Germany.

5nd of Nov, 2010 (food for thought): The closer you are of achieving smth, the stressed you are you’re not doing it right, and because of that, I think I’m just trying too hard to find the perfect country to move to. It’s not like I’m going to find a serious, hard-working, not buzzing in your business nation that will adopt me. Or will I?

I’d like a country where I can be financially secure. I’m not afraid of working hard for that. I just want to have the chance to afford more that ONE travel experience per year.

I’m traveling to Germany tomorrow and I really have high expectations from their culture. I’m using this chance to experience the possibility of moving to this country in the future.

6th of Nov, 2010 (reflection): Ioana told me today that there are several differences betweend different Bundeslands (german states), ex: the South is very different from the Ruhr Area and from Berlin. My first impression ’bout Germany was… not so impressive. It’s seems to be raining every day here but at least the crew’s OK.

8th of Nov, 2010 (personal introspection): I found out there are a LOT of migrants in Germany and of course, a lot of conflicts between them (turks) and the “natives”. But the German way of handling the situation is very institutional and rigid. They didn’t admit for instance that they’re an immigration country for over 20 years. Funkhaus Europa (very cool intercultural radio station) first aired, because the working Turks paid taxes for the radio/TV and the German responsible way of thinking could not imagine not inventing smth for them. But I ask the middle class German: What do you think about that Turkish guy living 2 floors under you? He’ll probably answer: I respect him as much as I respect any of my neighbors. And I’ll add to that “I don’t know either of them that well to make a statement”

9th of Nov, 2010 (feedback from Köln and Essen): Did I just stumble upon Köln and Essen in a bad time, or the stereotype of the German nation is true. Where are all the German people? Why did they make a park out of a old coal factory? They close their shops at 8 PM, on Sunday’s almost everything is paralyzed, they don’t go out (at least I didn’t found them) and they’re shy? Who says that? How can you be shy in today’s world? There is a lot of life out there! Go and catch everything you can from it!

11th of Nov, 2010 (disappointment): Comparing the other German guys that I’ve met here, I’m kind of disappointed at the rest of the Germans. Why aren’t you full of life? Are you always like this? Where’s your youth at? Does is shines only during the summer? You have so much to show to the world! You’re smart and hard-working and achieved so much by now. I’m upset and angry but that’s my business! What’s yours?

I thank you, Bundesland no.1! I’ll try out the rest 15 too.

Alex Gotca (Romania), November 2010


  • Sofia Simões de Almeida

    interesting! do the germans feel the same?

  • Error: Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2020/08. Is its parent directory writable by the server? Nadja Kemper

    Yes, I guess Alex has well observed. Germans are almost like this and it is really interesting why we hide in our flats and houses. Well, we like it cosy, I remember having once read an article that we spend most money on decoration and furnishing in Europe. But this week started the Christmas market and you will find more people now in the streets. Give it another try and see the other “Bundesländer” (federal states)!

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