Women and society

For a long time women were something less than men. The men always ruled the world and women had to obey their husbands. It was really hard for them.  But the problem of discrimination of women is still present.

Since the Roman times up until recently it was only the men that had suffrage. The woman had to give a birth to their children, take care of the household and their husbands. When they didn`t obey, the husbands would beat them. When they cheated on their husbands, the punishment could be as cruel as an execution.

First suffrage for women in the world was approved in New Zealand in 1893. Then in the USA women won their fight for suffrage in 1920. The women, which were fighting for the suffrage, were called  “suffragettes”. After the First World War the suffragettes in Great Britain achieved  their right to vote in 1926. The last countries to accept women´s  right to vote were Switzerland in 1971 and Liechtenstein in1984.

Anyway, the question is what is the position of women in today´s society? I think that in Europe women are equal to men. They can vote, work, live single, etc. They can do everything they want, unlike in some Muslim conutries. For example, the women in Saudi Arabia and in the United Arab Emirates can`t vote yet. The life there is strictly subordinated to Islam. The women have to wear “abajo”. It is a special Islamic dress. Their heads must be covered at all time and the women are isolated from the men in public. In the streets there are moral patrols called Mutawa. They control women´s dress code and others Muslim rules. The women are not allowed to drive, but they are allowed to take a taxi. The people there pray five times a day and the shops are closed prior to the prayers.

The woman can`t uncover their head to any  another man, except for the husband. A woman has to obey her husband and he even has the right to physically punish his wife. The woman are not allowed to use the birth-control.

I think that in Muslim world there are great barriers for the women and these should be demolished. Nowadays, in the time of respect of human rights, it` s backward and immoral. It`s very important to listen to the voices of these women. The western world should try to help these women. We can close our eyes or we can help. We can change everything, it`s just up to us.

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