Snowboarding – A sports or a lifestyle?

Snowboarding became famous as a mean of sports in 1980’s when American snurfer (surfer on a snow), Jake Burton, put a pair of bindings on his snurfboard, and attended to a competition, there were many protests given in, but Jake still managed to compete. This competition is also considered the first snowboarding competition. The first World Championships were held in 1983.

Nowadays snoboarding is one of the most popular means of extereme sports and is becoming more and more popular every year. Since 1998, it is a Winter Olympic Sport. There are about 8 million snowboarders all over the world and by the way, females constitute 25% of participants.

Snowboarders like to call themselves a one big family. It’s the sports where you don’t have coaches, it’s a sport you do with your friends, just for fun. When there is no fun, it’s not snowboarding. In this sport, there are no winners or losers. When we participate, we are happy, even when we don’t win, we are happy when our rivals win. For the people, who haven’t done it, it is quite har to believe, but that’s the way it is.

For the people, who would like to become a member of the family, I wish a lot of luck and enthusiasm to go on a hill even after the first failings. I know how hard it is to learn riding well, but it’s all worth of it.

Here is a little inspiring snowboarding video made by me and my friends. I hope you enjoy it. The music is in Estonian and Finnish. Songs are about winter.

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