UEFA Champions League

What do you usually do on Tuesday and Wednesday evening from September till May/June? My answer is clear – watching Champions League…and in average 110 million other people do the same 🙂 Each two weeks (more-less) at quarter to nine CET you can hear UEFA Champions League anthem and the battle can begin.


Champions League was formerly called European Cup and its aim was to bring together European football clubs with the largest attraction for fans. Therefore it wasn’t necessary for participants to be champions in their country. And this condition is kept also today, although from 1992 tournament changed its name to UEFA Champions League.
First winner of EC became Real Madrid; altogether there are 21 clubs, which won the cup and from these, 12 repeated their success and won the cup at least once again.

Why is Champions League so prestigious?

Soccer in global is very exciting game and especially in this tournament can be found many thrilling moments. Simply because of this, in CL are playing the bests from the bests and players are of the highest quality.
One officer in England once said that “…it is hugely prestigious, one of the competitions you have to win if you want to be thought of as a great club…”. And that’s what all athletes want to achieve – to become a part of  a great history.


As almost everything in today’s world, also soccer is very influenced by money. Each team which starts in the tournament gets enormous quantity of €. Only for playing a single game (not depending on the result) each team gets half million € in group stage and in play off the price goes up to 2.1 million €. Nice earning, isn’t it? But on the other hand – UEFA cares about development of the clubs – from estimated profit (1 billion €), 75% goes to the participating clubs as reward.


There is an official anthem of the competition, it is (I assume) known worldwide and played before each game. It was composed in 1992 by Tony Britten and performed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, lyrics are sung by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields chorus. Text is in German, French and English – official languages of UEFA.

With this small article I would like to invite you all to watch some match with your friends, find your favourite team or some handsome (and skilful) player and enjoy time together!

Rudolf Dong, Slovak Republic, December 2010

Photo: Christopher Bruno, Licence: Creative Commons by-sa/3.0

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