Student – be active!

In 6-9 of May I was on some international exchange –
“Student be active”.

There were people from 6 different countries ( from Poland,  Latvia, Romania, Greece, Italy and Turkey) After two days of workshops we had a debate with experts.

I was a moderator of group -ACTIVE STUDENT IN XXI  century
There are our statments:

We noticed that the situation is pretty similar in every country. The main motivations to take up some activity are: self-development and self-satisfaction, the other quite popular are: meet people from different cultures, improve language skills, desire of an adventure and testing yourself in challenging situations. Quite small percentage of examined people as a motivation pointed at material benefits. The Greece was an exception,where receive material benefits was the main reason for taking up some activities.

Towards the end of our workshops, we compared the most popular form of activity before and during the studies. We observed that young people in secondary schools activate much more in sport clubs, dance classes etc., part-time work and volunteering. The art workshops and international exchanges were the less popular. The tendency is changing over time. Students at universities prefer seqentially: trainings, work, volunteering and international exchange rahter than sports clubs, academic circle, art workshops etc. We’ve notice that the art is not popular field of activity in both age groups, and we consider it to be a noteworthy fact.

The next day we started with discussion on “reactivity and proactiveness”. We played some scenes to compare those behaviors to see that being proactive is better for us We came to conclusion that if you want to be proactive it is neccessary to follow 4 steps: Firstly, you have to show, you’re responsible. Secondly, determine your purposes – just figure what you really want and decide on goals that get you there. Thirdly, you have to learn how to manage your priorities – means decide what is important now and base your actions on that. The last and the most difficult step is to continue your personal development, in other words you should keep up with former three steps.

The last workshop was about the influence on our activity on our future job. We made a simulation on TV show, where the sides were arguing about what is more helpful in finding future job: part-time job or volunteering. Conclusion: any form of activity we discussed (so part-time job, volunteering, being active in the field of science, art and sport) helps us to be a worthful and desired worker. Confirmation of our motion is that we were managed to find only one disadventage of being active. It could be harmful to someone who can not keep a balance his/her form of activity and  familiy life/private life. It is important to know where the border/boundary is.

At the final end we talked about ourselves, we answered what being active means for each of us. We claim that it means: be in motion, make our life more colorful, gaining some energy and opportunities. Be active helps us to feel that noting is impossible and also prepare us for future challenges.


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