Life on the street

  They are everywhere, in bigger and smaller cities. Homeless associated with Dirty, ragged and destroyed by alcohol.Who in reality are these people? Why they landed on the street? Is there no prospects for them?

   The phenomenon of homelessness is not one universal definition. His understanding depends not only on the level of civilization, but the culture of a region of the world. However, the problem is getting worse.

  Homelessness is an example of social pathology and marginalization. Common reasons are difficult social situation, alcohol and also the lack of prospects. Some are unable to find in society and choose to live on the margins, but people without prospect who are homeless due to unfortunate circumstances are a minority. They usually do not drink, try to get a job, sleep in hostels and shelters. If they have enough determination, they can exit from the state of hopelessness.

  Usually we see them as alcoholics, smelly and dirty beggars, who spend every penny on alcohol. This is generally true, because most of the homeless are alcoholics addiction. They landed on the pavement by a drunk but still drinking. For them, the day begins always in the same way: How, where and what to drink. Each of them has its own unique story, but it disappears.

  Despite this, we should try to help them. Each of them is still a human. There is always a chance to start to exist normally. Never can we be sure that happens we will not touch such a fate. At any time we may lose everything. We should finally look at it from another side. We cannot isolate them from considering them as outcasts. We should be more sensitive to the fate of others.

   Who knows, perhaps by helping them we help ourselves?

 Authors: Maciej Calus, Amadeusz Starzak, Lukasz Oflus (Poland),

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