In search of perfect destination

Everything started from one simple idea a few years ago … I knew a lot about that place… ‘It’s incredible’, ‘An outstanding area’, ‘You’ll fall in love with Kaliakra!’ some of my closest friends who had already visited Kaliakra, were often sharing gleefully their personal impressions with me!

Summer 2011

The map was open in front of me and I was marking Cape Kariakra in a big red circle. I had decided that this summer was the right time for me to take the journey to Kaliakra. I had some free time, a great deal of curiosity about seeing the place, and a couple of friends as eager as me to visit the cape. I had everything I needed for that journey. As a real traveler I took the decision to get rid of all my expectations for the place before leaving. Descriptions, impressions, stories somehow connected with Kaliakra that I had heard in the years were recycled, converted into distant pieces of information. I was ready to take the adventure to explore Kaliakra with my own eyes! And as a real traveler I had to name the trip. I came up with the idea for the beginning of the title easily: ‘In search of…’ Then I tested many words to fill in the gap, but it seemed that there was no appropriate way to complete it. I was definitely searching for something but I wasn’t sure about what exactly. So I left the title ‘In search of …’ in the hope of finding out the missing part of my puzzle in the next days.

The trip took us about an hour from Varna, a beautiful town situated in the East of Bulgaria, on the coast of the Black Sea. The weather was perfect – warm, sunny, with a gentle breeze. We were almost reaching Kaliakra when I saw a few groups of Bulgarian as well as foreign tourists who had come to discover that place. Cape Kaliakra has a long history, dating back to ancient times. Walking in the area we were able to see parts of the huge fortress as well as a lot of ruins conserved through the ages.

I was impressed, totally impressed… Spacious territory, ancient ruins, the sea… I couldn’t help myself staring at the sea while we were stopping for a while to have a rest and take some pictures. What really appealed to me was the color of the sea – different shadows of blue with sun rays reflected on its surface…
We were advancing to the cape, the final point of Kaliakra. With every further step I was feeling a bit away from everything – work, exams, routine. Just a sense of full freedom… I was in a here-and-now position, when nothing else had a matter except the present.

After taking a couple of stairs down to the cape I was able to see the captivating view of the sea landscape. Everyone who reached that place wanted to take pictures, from any perspective, from any corner, as well as finding a higher rock to climb for catching a bigger part of the whole view through his/her camera; or in other words – ‘to be able to catch the moment, to catch his/her moment here and now’!. I was trying to catch the full capacity of the moment too – with my heart, soul and camera.

A few hours later we were on our way back to Varna. I was thinking of the trip, the Cape, the whole experience. I was still having this sense of freedom… ‘The Perfect destination!’ I found spontaneously the missing word. I  found my perfect destination for boosting my energy, motivation and zest for exciting new challenges!

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