Radio Funkhaus Europa

Funkhaus Europa is an international radio station situated in the city center of Cologne. It is a very professional radio station which is orientated on music and entertainment and has the aim to inform its public about news in the world of music, people and culture.

The web pages of Radio Funkhaus Europa show a wide choice of different categories which are current and discussed, accompanied by nice and original artistic photos. The lovers of good food and life can find there tips on various places and advices, perceptions from abroad and pictures which should attract the public.

One thing which is obvious while looking on the image of the web pages are graphics. The pages and brochures propagating Funkhaus Europa are made in really a creative way which makes this radio station unique and recognizable from the others. I should point out that the photos are really original and metaphorical which is on thing that makes the pages really different from the others.

We have visited the radio station Funkhaus Europa together with the European Youth Voice team during the seminar in Aachen and we had a really interesting session with the journalist. During the discussion we have get known how the journalism has developed with the years and have been informed about various types of practices which Radio Funkhaus Europe offers.

Radio Funkhaus Europe is really a professional station where I would like to do my practices.

Katerina Vojtechova, Czech Republic


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