Aachen, a city full of various interesting places

It was directly in the city of Charlemagne where the meeting of the European Youth Voice took place in the term from 25th September until 1st October. The participants coming from Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Estonia were accommodated at the Jugendhostel at Ronheide, a beautiful and calm place of the city where they could get to know each other and write their articles.
History of Aachen reaches until 3 000 BC, which is backed up by real Stone Age findings. The Celtic roots in Aachen are obvious thanks to testimonies of the Celtic settlements. The Roman influence was quite important too because of the changement of the city into a military spa town full of temples and bath buildings which served for recreation and rituals. It is proved that Franks inhabited the center of Aachen too thanks to Frank tombs from the middle of 7th century.
King Charlemagne, a very important personality in the history of Aachen, influenced the history and the contemporary image of Aachen because during the period of his he made the city a center of his empire. His influence on Aachen is pressed into the face of Aachen by Palace Chapel which was made constructed 20 years after his death. Charlemagne is considered to be the greatest of the medieval kings and he is famous for his series of campaigns made in order to round out his empire by conquering different territories and his interventions into warrior conflicts. He also sent army across the Pyrenees which caused that a northeast of Spain became a part of France, capitulation of Barcelona and the consequent acknowledgement of Asturias of supremacy of France. Charlemagne is important for his subdues of Saxons, Slavs and Avars and the lenght of his reign because he was sitting on the throne during thirty four years. It is known that during the period of his reign he preferred administration that wars and this is the main reason why he is considered to be one of the most interesting personalities in the history of Aachen.
After King Charlemagne there were another important personalities which contributed to the history; Otto I, Otto III, Friedrich I and Charles V. An event which is also an important moment in the history of Aachen is opening of the Aachen´s theatre.
Today Aachen is known as an interesting historical city which can offer different possibilities for the tourists thanks to historical sites, cathedrals and monuments. The city is well-known for the carnevals which take place regurarly in its center. Young people who arrive and want to become students have possibility at RWTH Aachen University which offers different study programmes concerning administration, mechanical ingeneering etc.
The economical situation of Aachen has changed a lot during the last years. Because of the economical crisis and a huge amount of people searching for an emplyoment it became difficult to offer work and that´s why a lot fo people try to search for a work in bigger cities as Cologne.

Katerina Vojtechova, Czech Republic




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