“Imperialists out of Africa!”

I was invited to a very interesting event in Cologne. Next to the huge, ancient Dom there was a crowd listening to the voice of Mudjacka Mvunuku. “We want to have the independence to vote without any influence from Europe. Just the voice of the people! Uhuru”, he says through the microphone. On the 28th November the Democratic Republic of Kongo is going to vote a new president. It is assumed that imperialists like Europe or America always have their hands on the game. Literally speaken, they have a huge impact on the votings in whole Africa in order to profit on economic progress, oil resources and control. The Pan-african activist Mudjacka (26) pleads with a group of young African-German students for independence and freedom in Africa. “Imperialisten raus aus Afrika!” (Imperialists out of Africa) is written on their boards. People, maybe a few tourists, who initially wanted to explore the Dom in Cologne pass and stop to listen to what the Uhuru Movement have to say. Uhuru is Swahili and means Freedom. It is a political movement. This movement spreads out and has reached its steps through Europe. The main aims are:

  • Unifying Africa to one nation (former nature in the pre-colonial ages)
  • Erasing the colonial borders
  • Reparation from the former colonies holder (Europe and America)
  • Defence and development of African culture
  • Development of African personality and African self-determination

I spoke with Mudjacka (26) and Bonzenga (25), who are part of the Movement.

“Imperialists out of Africa!” is a central message today. Who are these imperialists and why do we have to take a critical view on them?

         The imperialists are rulers of USA and Europe, who have a big influence on the politics in Africa, while we Africans do not bother about the votings in Germany for example.  It is all about profit and power for the imperialists.  In Ivory Coast it was the French who “voted” the president. Africa is still in need of Independence. It is a kind of neocolonialism. (Mudjacka)

But these presidents “voted” by the western world are also Africans. Could it be that Africa is also at fault?

           The African rulers betrayed the interests of Africa and African people. These Africans are manipulated. They enjoy living in luxury than helping their own people. (Bonzenga)

The African governments are filled with marionettes from the western world. They are selfish, because they take bribe and forget their brothers and sisters. As WikiLeaks also reviewed this fact that Americans bribe Africans in a higher position in order to get what they want. And these Africans then follow what the imperialists want to achieve: Money, Oil and power. (Mudjacka)

What kind of image does Europe has towards Africa? What do you think?

           Europeans thought that they are a higher “race” than Africans, so they didn’t show any respect towards African culture, even worst: Our culture was trampled underfoot. Today many see in Africa the underdeveloped continent, because Europe is in a higher power position. Whereas Africans have a different worldview. We are human and want to be in control of our continent, and all of its vast wealth. (Bonzenga)

What is the first step to consciousness and how can Europe change this situation?

           Europeans have to report about the real side of Africa. Africa is shown in another colour in the media. Europeans also have to include Clarification work in the schools. The education in Europe is somewhat connected with prejudices about Africa. And of course they have to let the African people decide. Europe has to lose the control. (Mudjacka)

What is the first step for Africans?

       It is important to open the eyes of the people. We want to give a sign. We have to have the courage to stand up for our rights. We have to build up a revolution. Many youth think that we are powerless and we cannot move anything. So, we go on the street and try to touch more Africans. We have to build ourselves up! (Mudjacka)

Africa: One nation? Maybe an utopian thought, maybe an ideological idea or maybe a revolutionary path. But on this path Africans have to change their communication together, coming finally to one conclusion: the sense of unity. More essential even is a closer look to Europe as we Europeans don’t really consider our fault in the African misery. Blended by the media, we only have a little space for a critical view on Europe.



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