The Syrian Revolution and Italy’s contribution in conflict communication

In the spirit of european principles and the EU’s latter actions to take control over the Arab Spring, to support people’s rights and opinions and to stop governance’s abuse of power, the European Union should examine Italian private activities that violates various human rights in Syria in order to put an end to all those who try to foment totalitarian leadership in our time, especially in Syria.

First of all, over the last year, more than 3.500 lives represented the cost of Assad’s regime. Nonetheless, italian techinicians from Area SpA, a surveillance company, have installed an equipment that records every e-mail, tracking every person in Syria. The italian engagement to provide and to use persecutive methods on Syrian people is frightening no matter what their goal might be and it is even more frightening for people if the information was made public.

Second of all, while the European Union has established a series of sanctions against Syria since May, including a ban on arms sales, the measures don’t prohibit European companies from selling Syria the sort of equipment in Area’s project. All work on the system had already been suspended for more than two months, but we have to make it a permanent decision.

It should be proposed the permanent withdrawal of all the installed recording gears inSyriawith the co-operation of Human Rights Watch. The European Union should put pressure upon all the countries involved in this commercial project to remove their equipment fromSyria, hence we will not encourage economic issues against human rights and social security.

In conclusion, we all must support the EP’s decision and express our solidarity to the struggle of the Syrian people for freedom, democratic changes and the end of the Assad’s authoritarian regime and strongly condemns the “escalating use of brutal repression against peaceful protesters and journalists taking into account the siege imposed on cities like Daraa and Jish al Shoughour including the mass arrests and the extrajudicial killings, the arbitrary detention and the torture; welcomes the UN Human Rights Council resolution to decide to send a fact finding mission to Syria to investigate the human rights violations perpetrated by the Syrian security forces”[1].

But this is just my utopian point of view.

To be continued…

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