The Waste is gone with the Wind

The world has seven billion people. The figure of human being is increasing and the resources are low. Scientists are telling since many years that the water will be very low in future. Do we have also enough to eat? An enormous food waste has to be stopped immediately against the environmental pollution and to alleviate the world hunger.

Food Waste in the UK

Food Waste in the UK

After a Quotation by the German federal ministry of agriculture, alimentation and consumer-protection (BMELV) every German throws food with an economical value about 300 Euros into the garbage. More than 20 million tons of food ends in waste. There are no detailed figures not yet.
That Wasting of food has its very high price – Money, resources and prospects for life. The BMELV prepares a national dump-study with exact figures, which should inform and show possible solutions.
The Government in Great Britain had already done this study three years ago. In the whole Kingdom was figured out, that 4.4 million of apples, 7 million slices of bread and 1.3 million yogurts are going to waste. Only that should be bad enough, if there is also the disposal of waste, which takes an amount of 1.2 billion Euros.

Additionally the wasting costs more than money. Because of the food production the used energy causes the Carbone Dioxide (CO2). Also the water deficiency will be increased worldwide.
The Swedish Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is a policy institute that seeks sustainable solutions to the world’s escalating water crisis. That institute figured out three years ago how much water gets lost only in the United States through the waste of food. About 30 % of food is going wasted. Some researchers are saying it is like open the water tap and let flow 40 trillion litres of water to the discharge.

Bye-laws and Rules are responsible for the wasting. The Supermarkets have to watch out for their best-before-dates, because two days before out of date the products going to waste. If the products could not be sold with a little discount they will be disposed.

Some of the supermarkets and bakeries are concurring with the soup-kitchens or similar public facilities. About one million people in Germany are getting this way their daily requirement of meals and food, they cannot afford normally. These facilities are supported by private or private commercial charitable donations and the people are honorary employees, which are working there to help.

The German supermarket “Lidl” provides their vending machines for the deposit of bottles and cans with the motto “Anyone gives what he or she can”. You can choose if you want your sales slip for the changed bottles or to give “a donation at push of the button”.

To make sure that the “poor men” really get help, the people have to show the aiders their documents for unemployment benefit or something like that. In Germany one million persons are working and don’t get enough earnings to live from that, so they are getting additional payments.
Many politicians are working for social equity to reduce this problem.

Photo: Waste Meat Dumped, Photo: Steve Sawyer, License: Creative Commons by-nc/2.0
Infographic: Food Waste in the UK, Infographic: GDS Infographics, License: Creative Commons by/2.0

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