Book on paper or book on screen?

When you have seen and enjoyed a film or a TV programme that has been made from a famous book, you may decide to read the book.
Then what happens? You get the book and, it’s more likely, you get a shock as well! You turn ten or twenty pages, and nothing seems to happen. Where are all the lively people and exciting incidents? In the end you will probably throw the book aside and give it up. Now, why is that?
Well, perhaps the author was writing for adults and not for children or the opposite. Perhaps the book was written a long time ago, when people had more time for reading and liked nothing better than a book that would keep them enterained for weeks. Or just the mouse has alredy eaten the book.
We haven’t got enough free time and we use internet at work, at home, at the caffetheria and etc. We also read newspapers on-line or if we haven’t enough time to do it, we just whatch the news on TV when we came back home after long day fulfield with work and different emotions. Then, after work I mean, we are so tired to read and it is normal in our days to prefer visual information than something on paper. With visual information, I mean video plus sound, because it is already proved that this kind of information is easier to accept, because we are so overloaded with so many digytal things, information sources (and sometimes we are wondering which source is reliable, and this moment could be awkward and confusing), work etc. and we’ve got so many choises how or with what to enterain our fun needs. But also it’s a fact that you can read on-line of course if you want to read. And here is the question: What do you prefer – book/newspaper on paper or book/newspaper on screen and why?

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