My useful memories from Bruxelles

After we had returned home from Aachen, I’ve started to take more attention of nations which were participated. I can better judge the national political situations, because I know personally their characters.


I see the biggest benefit in monitoring the European crisis. We can rudly talk about German-Greek economical fights. After we’ve visited the European council with our guide, it really contributes to gain comprehensive picture of the whole situation. I don’t want to slander someone, who is responsible or the bad one. I’d like to say: I can understand how it is possible that somehow arises the CRISIS.


I see the complicated bureaucratic but reasonable structure of European union and totally different minds of German and Greek nations. These nations can’t understand each other. They can envy each other, blame each other but never solve together the started troubles. Mix of these elements causes the crisis. The European union united nations who can’t mentally understand each other.


I see the point of these troubles but I can’t find a solution. Projects like this might help. I really appreciate this opportunity and I hope it helps us to understand each other.


Thanks and have a nice holiday in Poland! Cześć!

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