Concentration camp Majdanek

Historically, concentration camp Majdanek in Polish Lublin functioned from year 1941. It was a prison full of the Jewish, Polish and the members of the Soviet Union who worked there since morning until evening. Of course, not everyone survived in these hard conditions, so there were many people who lived in the camp only a few months.

The prisoners were given to eat only a soup, tea and coffee and were sleeping up to five people on one bed. Their clothes weren´t washed and they could take a bath only 2 times a year. When taking a bath, they had to put their head in the desinfection in order to give away golden jewellery they had in their mouths or stomachs.

During his function 79 000 people died there because of illnesses and lack of food. The Operation Reinhard lasted until November 1943 and during this Jewish were killed. The exact date is 3rd November and 18 400 Jewish were killed in total.

Nowadays, the concentration camps Majdanek is opened to public as a museum where the tourists can see in which conditions prisoners were living.

Katerina Vojtechova, Czech Republic

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