Strategies? Stop blubbering like a baby…

As a youth worker, I find myself in the position of deciding which of these two is better: the local level or the European level.

The second issue is „strategic thinking”. Tactics overwhelm strategies. Pragmatism overwhelms patience.

These are my main topics and I would very much like to tackle them as strongly as possible and I will combine them into a major subject – the importance of strategy.

As a Romanian citizen and a youth worker, things are getting clearer and clearer in my professional life: Romanian experts don’t use long-term strategies because it involves a lot of work, research and long-term responsibilities. The reason for this problem is the lack of strategic practice in high school and college.

Also, how come people don’t know how their problems are resolved?  Well, the answer is quite simple. They don’ ask and they are not asked.

One of the solution we proposed in Romania, Bucharest is Global Research Summer School.

Global Research Summer School is an International Affairs project of the organization VIP Romania, project that relates to students interested in document analysis, strategies, policy-making and who are eager to continue their studies or their career in foreign affairs field (geopolitics, globalization, diplomacy).

The project aims to develop complex learning methods which combine theory and practice, formal and nonformal education and also on active and continous participation system which helps students to achieve skills such as crictical and strategic thinking, debates and argumentation capacity and achieving of soft and hard skills.

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