What is your relation to national sports?

People from different parts of the world think different things about their national sports. I asked young people from different countries of Europe about their relations to the national sports and how they feel about it.

Maria from Bulgaria – Our national and the most popular sport is certainly football. The national team does not participate in 2012  UEFA European Football Championship, but  people in Bulgaria love football and hope that the Bulgarian team will be a part of the another championship.

Nicolaus from Greece – In Greece we have two most popular sports, football and basketball. Basketball is our national sport, but the most of the people like watching football. Personally, I like more basketball and my favorite team is Phanatinaikos Athens. However, I`m really glad that Greece takes part in 2012  UEFA European Football Championship. 

There is one thing in the sport which I don`t appreciate, e.g. a lot of very good basketball players in Greece don`t want to join the national team, because it is not so profitable for them. I think this is wrong.  For this reason our national team looses great players and they are so bad role model for the young players. I know it is really physically difficult for them to play in the summer, but it is still wrong attitude.

Danny from Germany-  The main national sport is football, for sure, because it`s the most popular sport in Germany. About 13 million people  in Germany play football and we have really good football education and schools. Football is also my favorite sport. I am a big fan of  FC Schalke. I think it will be very difficult for German national team to get to the final on 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, but I hope we`ll get as far as possible.

Alena from Slovakia–  Well, I can say that the most popular sport in Slovakia is  ice hockey. However, I`m not such a big fan of sport in general, the Slovaks really enjoy the ice hockey and this year during the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship broke out hockey madness in Slovakia. People went out with flags in the streets to watch the matches on the big screens and really enjoyed that our national team won the silver medal.

Amadeusz from Poland Three most popular sports in Poland are volleyball, football and handball. People in Poland are very proud of the national teams, it doesn`t matter if they win or lose. People are very happy that 2012 UEFA European Football Championship takes place in Poland, it`s a great chance to organise such a big event.  I like more handball than football, because I`m a handball player, but still I cross my fingers for Poland at the championship.

Viktor from Czech Republic- Our national sport is ice hockey and for the Czech fans it`s really important. I`m not such a big fan of ice hockey, but when our national team played final at IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship I was watching it in the pub with my friends.

Anti from Estonia-Our national sport during the winter season is definitely skiing, but there are many popular sports in the summer, e.g. football  and volleyball are getting more popular. My favorite sport is snowboarding, but in the summer I also like playing volleyball.

Ada, Sabina, Bogdan from Romania-  The national sport in Romania is Oină, which is the father of baseball. Very famous sports in Romania are football, gymnastic, handball and we have very successfull sportsmen in diving. A lot of people in Romania are interested in football. A new football arena was opened this year. Handball and basketball is getting more popular at high schools, especially girls who don`t like football can play these sports.

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