Books and Radio together

I have always seen reading books as quite a personal moment. Just you and the text in front of you. You decide the pace of reading. You stop for some breaks for consideration. You choose the right book and the right time for reading. And you are reading the particular book!

I have heard of book reading on the radio as well as audio books but I have never given a try to any of them. The thought of having unknown voice reading my book has seemed quite strange to me. I have considered it as an alternative of reading on your own which has some fans but the huge amount of people opt for the typical reading. I suppose that listening to the book instead of reading has scared me with the fact that at the moment when the voice starts reading the reader loses his power. The voice is the third party in the reading process which leads you page after page; which stops for a second of breathing; which emphasizes on the important points… It is a transformation process in which the reader becomes a listener.

I love the radio. I believe that it certainly has its place nowadays. Radio has a significant history as it has always met tastes, needs and expectations of the audiences at any particular moment. Radio has been developing very quickly with the change in the preferences of the listeners and in the technological field as well. Bearing in mind this at some moment I accepted that radio reading is out-of-date. But this idea of mine turned up-side-down just for several seconds at Radio Station Lublin. As a participant of European Youth Voice I visited the radio station and attended the presentation there. One of the things that have kept in my mind from the visit is the information reading. Our presenter shared with us that radio theatre and audio books had been quite successful for the last years. She explained that this success was connected with the fact that people love books, but they do not read. These two controversial statements of “loving books, but not reading” have turned into one wonderful opportunity – listening to books!
The concept of radio reading has dated for many decades. It was extremely popular at the time when the radio was the main source of information. And now it has returned its stardom.

Nowadays we have three general options for exploring a book: to read it, to listen to an audio version of it or to choose radio reading. Unlike the first two options, radio reading has some quite specific characteristics. First, you can’t choose the book which you are going to listen to at the particular moment, as it has been set by an editor or through a customer survey or any other way. Second, you listen to the radio reading according to the radio programme. For example, it could be once or twice a week for about 30 minutes. Third, because of the radio schedule you can’t go further in the plot and see what will happen with the characters, as you could do that when you are using an audio book and with just one touch on the screen you can skip tones of dialogues and description and reach directly some concrete part. These are just some simple differences distinguished books on the radio from the other forms of reading.
I decided to use them as a starting point for my journey of exploring the attractiveness of listening to radio reading. For that purpose I started with the choice of a radio station. At first I was not familiar with the set book on the radio at all, but it seemed quite interesting. It did not take long to find myself revising my notion of radio reading. Even if it was not my choice the set book was good, really good. The voice of the reader was confident with cunning manner of taking your mind far away from the daily thoughts. The duration of the reading was quite short – about 10-15 minutes but absolutely enough to make you feel calm and relaxed following the plot. In addition, there was something appealing in the idea that you have to wait until the next reading show to learn how the plot is going on. At time when we have a quick access to almost everything, it is really tempting to know that there is something such as radio reading going beyond that contemporary reality.

The advantages of radio reading are enormous. I can’t even count or name all of them, mostly because they are connected with the personal perspective and experience in that field. I still prefer the standard way of reading, but at the same time I see radio reading as a great supplement to it. Radio reading can give a different sense of perceiving the book, it can provoke in you different types of emotions, and it can help you go into the book world after a tough day at work. If you have not listened to book reading on the radio yet, now is the right time to do it! Switch the radio reading season on!

To learn more information about radio field, listen to the interview at Radio Station Lublin.

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