A little adventure in summer

About a year ago I wrote an article about building a kayak. A year has gone by and I have finished my second kayak so it is better to travel in company. I would like to talk about a two-day-trip that I took with my 3 friends to Koiva(Gauja) river which runs between Estonia and Latvia. We took 2 of my own built kayaks and one old but still honored canoe called Taimen.

We actually started our trip on the Estonian river called Mustjõgi which means black river in translation. The river was really beautiful and seemed to be really untouched. It is so good to find such places in your country that look like nobody has made any damage to the nature.

We started moving at 9 o’clock and by the time all the preparations were done we started paddling at 11 am. The weather wasn’t perfect as it has been quite rainy and windy this year but we struggled and didn’t whine about anything. The river was really curvy and behind every curve there was so much more beautiful nature. On the first day we managed to paddle about 25 km and we spent the night on a very nice shore where we also could have an opportunity to watch around because there was a 20-metres tall tower. We could really see how twisty the river was. The weather got worse and it started to rain but we spent the night in a hut that was built there.

On the second day we thought that it would be nice to take it a little bit slower and not to row so much as the previous day and we started moving at about noon. We had in minds that we would ride about 10 to 15 km-s but when we got to the place where we could have stopped, we decided that we would like some more and so we went on. I also managed to catch one fish which was big enough to take with us. As the water is quite low in summer period some of us had to give a little bit more of themselves so they wouldn’t get stuck in the sand. One moment we were in Estonia and on the other we were in Latvia because this river separates these two countries a little bit. It was about 8 o’clock when we found a nice place where we could come out of the water and we called our families that they could come and pick us up now. That was the end of our this trip but it’s the beginning for my kayaks. I hope that they have a long future ahead of them and I will have more memories to share.

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