Three festivals turned Tartu into a capital of culture


In August 6-11, university town of Estonia, Tartu, hosted three festivals at once, turning the city into a real capital of culture. Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuFF, Tallinn Music Week and literature festival Prima Vista joined hands to hold a huge city festival.

Tartu Love Film Festival tARTuff, organized by the International Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, was held already for the seventh time. For six days a big screen was set up in Town Hall Square, giving people a chance to watch 12 films in the open air for free. In addition 12 documentaries were shown in a local cinema. Although the evenings were cold and rainy, the festival gathered approximately 18,200 people. For three evenings, Tartu literature festival Prima Vista, asked various writers to join musicians in Town Hall Square to discuss and imagine films that has never been made.

In addition to films, people had a chance to enjoy music for two days. On August 9-10, Tallinn Music Week, organized a music festival “Tartu muusikanädal” (Tartu Music Week), which was held for the first time ever. New Estonian music from more than 20 fresh artists was played all over the city centre, in clubs, bars, cafes, courtyards. Music festival also featured lectures of music business for bands and event organizers and a pilot project of a new music festival Indiefest, organized by young newcomers in music industry.

A week full of culture brought the local people out of their homes to the city center to enjoy good films and music, no matter how bad the weather was.

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