CL!CK About It

Cl!ck is a photography contest about the changing world, which aims at creating a mosaic of images from all over the world that would portray the local communities and their peoples struggle to survive through the motion.

The official theme is: Crisis and disaster. Professional photographers and well as amateurs can send photos that capture natural disasters, political up rises, conflict, financial crisis, development crisis, urban life and climate change.

Two awards will be given, one for pros and one for amateurs and the two of them will get the chance to do a report for the European Center for Journalism.

The dead line for submissions is the 29th of October 2012 and more details can be found at

With such a broad range of themes to choose from I’m sure submissions will be very interesting although the grim subjects will make it hard to decide for the judges.

Human suffering in all its forms from all over the world should be brought into focus more often as we cannot cure what we don’t know or care about.

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