There is strength in us, the power is in us – view of the “Majdanek” concentration camp in Lublin.

It was 1941, when on the area of Lublin lands was been created German Nazi death camp.  Infernal machine of evil designed to eliminate the painful and humiliating race Jews, Poles and Soviet prisoners of war. Within 3 years of operation were killed in the, ”Majdanek” more than 875 000 people. We do not intend to show the same story, we want to show the strength of spirit that lies within each of us.

“Majdanek” harsh reality for many during World War II and painful trauma for the survivors. What really was the key to survival for people who had faith in freedom. It was a great hope and very strong will to live. Thanks to the strong character despite the horrible and inhuman conditions in their head all the time sparkled a glimmer of hope which gave new strength every day to continually fight for the greatest gift to men that is life. Those who lose as a result of her passion to stay in the German death camp often the first to die. It is sad how a person can pick up the second unit will to live. Despite his many years on the planet will lose all faith in society. The strongest mentally managed to survive despite the many months of oppression and torture. The whole determination, which had given them faith was the power that lies within each of us. Sometimes it can be revenge, a desire to gain something new and especially is this will to live. This shows us how today we cannot give up despite the difficulties that every day they are placed in our way. We believe that we should fight for the slightest thing because we are the architect of our own life.

To understand what it really was a concentration camp “Majdanek” we want to show photo gallery today as it looks to be more aware of what the great disaster was sent to all convicts. I realize how many great people were dying and losing faith. What word did not show a picture will understand. Photos of three young photographers: Amadeusz  Starzak, Łukasz Oflus, and Maciej Całus.

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