Roma’s people want to work

On 1st August 2012 has been launched a Czech project called „Romas work and want to work“. The aim of this project is to point out the Roma’s situation in the Czech Republic is getting worse. Romas people have to face many prejudices in their everyday life. Mostly the society think that all of the Roma’s people don’t work, they’re satisfied only with the help from the state and so on.

The campaign is based on some very creative posters which are being placed in public transport, on the internet and the company is also organising plenty of events where can the visitors find out more information about this issue and they can make a discussion about it.

I personally like those posters because they’re very original. They use paradoxical situation and they’re also fun a little bit. Every poster consists of a bold title which presents one of those prejudices that the Czech people about Romas usually have. It’s really difficult to translate them because the literal translation wouldn’t make any sense. For example if someone in the Czech Republic said „I had my appartment whitened“ – it doesn’t mean that someone came and painted his walls with white colour but it means someone robbed his appartment. So that one of the posters has a big title “I met a Roma who had my appartment whitened“ – it sounds like a Roma robbed his appartment. But underline is written “He is a really good painter“ – which actually explains that the Roma is a painter by profession.

Actually, attitude of the Czech public to this campaign is pretty bad. Despite the original design of those posters, people mean that it can’t help to change the current situation in our country. Well, we’ll see…

BTW. You can check the posters on this link

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