We live in times when life means almost nothing. We are killing the nature, the animals, ourselves with no regrets. How long can we live this way?

If you had to choose between saving a tree and killing an animal for using his bones for making money, what would you choose? It’s hard to say that life means nothing, but it is true. The violence between people comes through violence for expensive animal’s leather or bones.
Last year over 25 000 elephants were killed. The research of National Geographic shows up horrible facts and numbers of killed animals. Only a small part of them was the elephants. The price of their bones is about 20 000 dollars. One of these unique bones was sold in the United States for 24 000 dollars. It was made in the 20’s of 20th Century in China. People in China, Thailand, India and another countries use these animals for religious purposes. According to the Scriptures the animal must be nurtured and then sacrificed in honor of God. But most of the rich people use this as an opportunity in the cases when it is a “forbidden territory”.
But the animals with these expensive bones are only a small part of the victims. Scientists and researchers have devised endless ways of abusing animals in experiments. They use them to test weed killers and pesticides as well as new ingredients for cleaning fluids, paints, food, drinks and even pet food.
Animals are also used in medical research, in attempt to find the causes of, and treatments for, human diseases. But animal experiments are unreliable and can be dangerously misleading because animals’ bodies are different from ours, and they don’t get the same diseases as we do. So all these tests are pointless.
Thousands of chimpanzees have been used in useless experiments for finding a cure for AIDS, but now it is well known that, although it kills humans, AIDS doesn’t kill chimpanzees. The link between smoking and lung cancer was first observed in people but then because no animals developed cancer when they were forced to inhale tobacco smoke, vital health warnings were delayed for many years. No one knows how many people have died as a result of the misleading information provided by animal experiments.
Only in the UK, nearly four million animals are used in laboratory experiments each year. Hundreds of thousands animals are bred and killed so bits of their bodies can be used in research. In addition, millions of ‘surplus’ animals are bred but never used – they are just disposed of and their deaths are not even recorded.
So if we follow the Darwin’s theory and if human beings come from monkeys, then when you use a monkey for an experiment it is almost the same if you use humans for this experiment. Then if the monkey is going to be dead after this test, it means that we have killed a lot of people because of the useless ways to find a cure for AIDS, cancer etc.
But for medicines for epilepsy they use people. The most provided method is to use 100 people and to give them two medicaments with the same generic ingredients. They have to use both medicines in different periods, but they never know the name of the medicine. The strongest medicine is Lorazepam and it’s given when you have a paroxysm swoon, so then you need to relax your brain, mind, muscles etc. But this Lorazepam, which is the generic ingredient in most of the epileptic pills, is very dangerous, because one of the horrible effects is paranoia and skin illness which can kill you. Every pill for epilepsy has a drug effect and you never know how it could affect you.
I started from killing elephants, because of their expensive bones, then using animals for medical surveys to using people. It doesn’t matter what it is, we all are nature’s creatures. If other creatures’ bodies don’t work in the exact same way like human’s, this means it’s pointless and unfair to try experiments on them. So if some of us think that an animal is not that smart as people are, so using this animal for those kinds of experiments prove that this creature also has feelings and own way to accept the world. The animals are not so different from us, they are just closer to their true nature, but we are these who have forgotten who we are and what we really are. So, what’s the price of your life?

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