What is happening in Turkey

This article is based on my friends’ stories, experiences from the protest actions and videos. It’s dedicated to them and their wish the whole world to see and hear what they want to tell. They fight for their rights, for their country and be sure it’s not that easy. I spent about 3 weeks in watching videos, reading articles, listening their stories and I can say it is really hard, psychologically hard to do it, and I cannot even imagine what it is to be there and to see how it happens 1 meter from you.

“It’s our blood that’s being shed. We were just protecting the park and the right to live like normal human beings, but what they did is this: while we were walking they hurled tear gas at us, they cut through the people with water cannon trucks. I can say that the Prime Minister has declared war against his own people. And the whole world needs to see this. We will resist, we will prevail!”

Helicopters everywhere, police sirens. You can see the people running away from the square. Istikal Avenue tens of thousands of protesters were trying to break the police barricades to take back to square. You can see and smell the chemical gas. People are injured or dead. That’s what you can see in the first minutes of VICE’s video reportage about the situation in Turkey from the hot spot Taksim Square.

We can only suggest what is happening and how these people are going through this. The only thing that I know for sure is that all Medias hide the real information. I admire how though Turkish people are. No matter how hard it is every day, they don’t give up. We don’t know for sure the right number of all the injured people or how many are dead, but the number is big. I’ve been watching so many videos on the Internet and I saw a lot of people who were treated like nothing. I saw a person which left eye was drawn-out. I saw so many people who were not in consciousness. Other with missing legs, hands. I saw a dead woman, children all in tears and the policemen who were using violence against all the people. How’s that possible? Something really horrible is happening there! Just take a look. The Prime Minister of Turkey is not a human being or I cannot accept his acts for something that is possible to be done to another human being. Erdogan is using violence against his own people, who are just trying to protect their rights and legacy, is not a normal act! By killing his own people with no regrets!

Leading from the fact that days after the protests in Turkey, we also started acts of protests against our Bulgarian Government, I can ask what is wrong with you politicians? People are out in the streets, protesting. Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas more than 10 days, tens of thousands of Bulgarians rallying for change and that parliament is dissolved. We demand our dignity back. But I cannot even compare what is happening in Bulgaria with what is happening in Turkey. One of the Bulgarian politicians – Volen Siderov, tried to put some of “his” people in the protesting crowd to use violence against the protesters, but again I will say it, nobody was killed.
In the last few days I saw pictures from all over the world from young people who support Istanbul and one pic with the flyers “WE ARE ALL ONE SOFIA, SARAJEVO, SAO PAULO, ISTANBUL”. We are the one who can make the world a better place to live in!


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