Discover Europe by train

I always wanted to travel through Europe by train, but I thought it would need a lot of money, until Ι started searching on internet and realized that there are so many cheap options! Discovering Europe by train has existed for over three decades, but it remains one of the most popular ways to visit Europe!

Many Europeans prefer to travel by train rather than by plane for many reasons. One of the main motivation is that is much cheaper than other means of transportation. Besides, the rail network covers the entire Europe and connects Paris to London as well. To make such a long trip you need an Interail Pass. There are two types of Interail Pass: the “One Country Pass”, which gives you the option to travel to one European country and the “Global Pass”, which gives you the possibility to travel to more than one European country. Depending on the ticket purchased you can travel from five days up to one month. Prices are fairly economical especially for young people under 25 years old. There is also “Eurail Pass” which gives the ability to travel in this manner to residents of countries not belonging to the EU. As regards your accommodation, this may be in hotels or camping in any stop you wish, depends on your demands.

Another advantage of travelling around Europe by train is that through the train you can see a lot of different landscapes which you couldn’t see by plane or car. It is an amazing experience from which somebody has so much to gain and I think everyone should at some point do. Some of the experience that you will get is that you will meet new cities and cultures, you will meet other travelers from around the world, and you will feel the real distance between sites and much more. Also, the train is a comfortable way to travel as it may stop in any you want, there is no check in as the airports and there are no restrictions on luggage. There are also different types of trains, those that can travel at high speed, the night trains and of course first or second class trains. Minor children can also travel. The age limit varies from country to country. Usually children up to three years old travel for free, up to 12 or 16 have a 50% discount on full fare. During the trip you can eat in local tourist shops or buying from super market. Also there are some hostels where you can cook.

Something we need to know is that if necessary, you can find doctors and hospitals everywhere. Europe offers a very good general health system. Often you will have to pay the bill upfront, but the money will be returned to you by your health system. Some things which will certainly need is ID or passport, tickets and reservations, cash in local currency of your final destination although the euro is always accepted, even in countries that do not use euro currency.

These were some main information about travelling by train through Europe! I hope you got interested to experience this one day if you haven’t already. Of course I hope soon  I can fulfill my dream to make it happen as well!  I was surprised to know how easy it is to get from one country to the next and I am sure it would be the best holiday ever. I like this kind of freedom to change travel plans on the go and for sure such a trip will be unforgettable!


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