Druhá fáze je u konce, třetí se blíží

Project Nenech sebou zametat! has finished its second phase. There were a few important changes in our concept. The most experienced lecturer from each region became a region coordinator and started to take care of lecturers in that region and help them to realize project activities. The second innovation was expanding trainings of lecturers which were held in Ostrava and Praha. Participants took part in some workshops, discussions, did some teambuilding activities and visited Linka bezpečí. The last innovation was in realization of 6 discussions with experts on project topics. They were held in different regions and after these discussions were created statements of the youth opinions on this topic.

The main activity was workshops on schools again. In this phase they were held in six different regions of the Czech Republic. Over than 1200 young people took part in them, in general it’s more than 2000. Nowadays project has about 45 lecturers from 8 different region of the Czech Republic. 202 participants took part in project discussions and 196 users like Nenech sebou zametat! on Facebook.

Nowadays we are preparing the third phase. We are going to still realize trainings of lecturers, workshops on schools and discussions with experts. The innovation will be an international meeting and cooperation with polish youth.