From 80’s disco to future space sounds with room4space

The story of inspiration and what keep us together – music

“See you again…” on repeat, a few months since I heard this track for the first time and I’m still wondering to write or not to write to these guys. I wanted so badly to have even one of them in our radio’s team… and I’ve listened to some mixes by room4space, which was my final push to write him. So I wrote him an invitation to join in. When I push the button “send”, I became very nervous… “He will write me or he will skip my message?” but he answered me very fast and so friendly! No matter how famous he is, he was so kind to say “yes” and now he has a monthly show “Miami Twice” on .
His name is Emre Senol, he is from Turkey. Now well-known as room4space he performs at the most famous clubs around the world. He was playing at the parties with DJs like Jody Wisternoff, Interplay, Guy J Claes Rosen, Tom Morgan, Hisham Zahran, Matthew Dekay, Add2Basket and many more.
First EP released “The Universe” under the Argentina based label Spirit Soul Music, which is just the beginning.
room4space host weekly show Future Sound Session on Aquarium Radio France, Miami Twice on Vibes Radio Station Bulgaria with his partner GrooveU & Room4Space hosts monthly show The Disco Revolution on Pure.FM USA and many more. If you want to enjoy of a wise selection of the best Nu Disco, Tropical, Future space sounds and the sweet lovely Soulful vocals you know where to find him, but know I have the greatest pleasure to ask him some questions.

First of all, I would like to thank you for being so kind to give me this interview! How you decide, that music is your passion and how your career started? What was/is your inspiration to make music?
– You are welcome, thank you for inviting me. Much appreciate! To the question, it’s coming from my childhood. I have always been interested in music and musical equipment. My soul is in the music; it’s my life and will always be! I remember the first time in my life when I went to underground party and everything started there. My heart all unlocked and I got the right things to turn me on. Because of the process itself, I enjoy making music or listening, it’s my favorite thing. What I find most inspiring is the thing that I have listen good music before. When you listen a lot, you enlarge your imagination! Saying every time best inspiration to make music “sunshine coast”.

Why you choose this genre?
– I grew up with 80’s disco blend; I’ve been always interested in vintage sounds.
Couple years before, when I heard it at first time, I knew that must be my genre. Actually want to say I’m fall in love with these sounds. I would like to tell you which tune took my heart away at the first in this genre definitely “Hugo Borealis & Ruben Sparks-Dance” You should check it out!
Where was your best gig that you’ll never forget?
– Hard question.. I enjoyed a lot every time, but if I have to choose one gig I think Belgrade’s gig was very dope one. Place called Secer, wicked club and great crowd!

Tell me some upcoming talents we need to keep eyes open for?
– So many talented guys around at the moment, but I’ll drop you some of them: GrooveU, Nine Lives, Pherotone, Glenn Dale, Manuel Kane, Max Lyazgin..

Because we know what is happening in Turkey now, what would you like to say to the people?

– I am so proud of my people! We only want to show we are here for our freedom. My people don’t want to live in a country that gives people fascism! My citizens on the street they are not political, they don’t have any ideology or politics. Just want to live in peace, so I want to say to people all around this is just the beginning and keep on doing what you have done! I’m sure we will not be silent from now on; every person will fight for their city, democracy and their freedom. I believe it! Peace for all of us…

Enjoy room4space’s music here:

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