Global view of a country in crisis

Due to the deep situation of the current Spanish Economy, Young people are the most troubled. They state that they‘re the most prepared professional academically in the history of Spain, in spite of being the most prepared, they have no opportunity of finding a job that suits their preparation.

The current statistics show this reality. Spain has the second highest unemployment rate of Europe, 55% of young people are unemployed, of the current employed population 45% of people has a permanent contract, the rest of the people in this percentage work in a job earning around 600 Euros or are self-employed.

The world wide economical situation in Spain according to the statistics shown previously has a 25% of unemployed population; with consist of 5 million people.

Other economical statistics that support the previous statement are the increasing debt in the public administration and the percentage of taxes applied to the general population, this generates a lower acquisition of goods and the need for people to immigrate to other countries with emerging economies like Germany in the European continent and Chile in South America.

Berlin, Paris, the modern London are places inside Europe where the young people are interested for going abroad. But these cities are full of them looking for new opportunities. Some of these young give up and come back to Spain, losing all the dreams that they had. That is why they try other solutions inside the country: if big companies and the state don’t give them chances, the solution is creating it in the own way. Self-employed, start-ups or the back to the small towns for working in plantation or farms are becoming popular between the youngest.

Also, in the last months the Spanish Government and the European Parliament are beginning to listen to the general young people’s opinion in this matter, politicians are working for a plan to include them in the actual work market, but the general corruption of the policy of the actual administration makes difficult for the actual population to believe that these measures will indeed improve this unemployment general situation in this country.

The actual social movement against politicians in general started in Spain two years ago, this movement was called “15 Mayo” and forced actual politicians to hear young people and try to solve this matter, but nothing happened in the last two years. Young people in Spain now don’t care about politicians and stays ahead of politics.

For this reason, people claim that the actual administration should have an open policy regarding these matters: Game over and restart again.

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