I need a guide …

I am 17 years old. I have just graduated from high school and I need a guide for real world.

I think this guide is important for every young person who has these characteristics. He/she is ambitious; ready to discover and conquer the world, fearless, confident, and rebellious and the most important he/she is a teenager.

Teenage way of thinking is something like this “I have a life full of aspects and i can do whatever it comes in my mind since i will have my parents help when it needs” but when you are graduating you are doing your first steps in the unknown real world. All these years people ask you about your future plans and you answer like it is a piece of cake: “I want to become a doctor or a teacher…”  However, now that we have to take this decision about our study field and college, we must not only consider all the advices from our parents and teachers but also we should trust our own instinct.

This decision is not so easy; it is synonymous with becoming an independent adult who is going to leave his home. This is the most confusing moment since we think that our life is coming to a “dead end”. This choice should firstly please our own selves and then our parents. We spent a lot of time studying, both at school and university to get the job we want. So study field should combine our own inclination and also the job prospects. Lucky are the ones whose leisure interests and career opportunities combine in a happy union. The rest of us have to make the most of the job we end up in, while enjoying whatever free time we have.

In conclusion, if adulthood means acquiring maturing and wisdom through experiences, then leaving home and being independent can, indeed, substantially contribute to it. Last but not least, my advice to all young adults, like me, is that we should have the freedom to decide our own future and believe in ourselves. So if we take a wrong way about our future at least we will know that this mistake is our own choice.

Therefore the only guide we need is our own self… 😉

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    I remember that feeling. Being confused as I needed to choose a path of my life atleast in professional way. And it is hard, as a job is 1/3 of our life.

    I agree that lucky ones are those who can be flexible and choose profesion keeping in mind the financial situation of the country, but slitt enjoy profesion that is chosen. But this is not case for everybody. But always choose what you really want to do, the amount of salary take as a secondary thing. Ofcourse it is important to get paid well, but you never be happy doing things that is well paid, but you really can`t enjoy your work.

    There is no right advice for this confussion, just always take opportunity to participate in lot of different projects. Like this one 🙂

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