Positive attitude towards unemployment

Facing a long period of unemployment can be both financially and emotionally draining. For most people, losing their job is not just the loss of income but also can be the loss of an “identity” as well as a major embarrassment. Personally, I have experienced a very hard time for the last 2 years that I can’t find a job. However, after the first shock and depression status I’ve been through, after I literally lost my smile and joy and in fact after losing myself, I realized that I MUST change my attitude towards what I was facing. I realized that being unemployed is a chance to discover effective solutions and seize any opportunity to get through this difficult situation.

After months of unsuccessful job searching, it can be tough to keep your spirits up. However, it’s necessary to stay sane and moving forward when you need to the most. Remember to put things in perspective and know that unemployment is not permanent. Giving in to the temptation to be pessimistic is not going to help you. To be honest is not easy to think positive while being unemployed, especially when you are surrounded by a negative atmosphere.  But this doesn’t mean you can’t escape from this reality. Even if you don’t believe it, there are some very simple things you can do and apply in your daily routine that can help you overcome any negative thought that make you feel useless. Of course it needs to try hard and be determined to change, don’t let yourself be trapped.

For example, one simple thing you can do is even change the words you use! You need to remove negative words and phrases from your vocabulary. And if you’re asking: Yes, it works! e.g. You can use the term “opportunity” instead of “problem” , “recover” than “survive” or “develop” than “exploit“. See? Terms with positive meaning can give you a different approach to the situation. They even can change your feelings. What I’m trying to recommend is that we should maintain a positive thinking while experiencing a difficult period, like the “placebo effect”.  I think it is better to say: “I am free for job” rather than “I am unemployed”.

Of course, I’m not suggesting to forget reality and not be “down to earth”, I’m just proposing to avoid stress and improve other skills that will help you become better. You can control how much of your free time you use to add to your job qualifications by learning new skills. For example, you can attend free activities or lessons to improve your talents, you can volunteer, you can enjoy this free time doing things for yourself that before you didn’t have enough time to do. Working is productive, but being unemployed can be also productive. I think the modern lifestyle and generally the daily routine schedule especially in big cities has destroyed creation and inspiration, that’s one of the main reasons and results of the crisis in society in general.

Staying productive during unemployment is crucial to being optimistic. Instead of spending the entire day on your job search, you can try setting some simple and easy goals for yourself, your family, your home, and for your own well-being, respectively. Having support is essential during this time. Maintaining personal connections may also lead to learning about job openings. So, be active, discuss and communicate. The “crisis” we face is a good reason to find again our lost creativity, is a chance to become richer in spirit and feelings, it’s a chance to discover ourselves again. So, be flexible, be open minded and keen to earn as much as more experience from everything that may interests you! After putting into practice some of these suggestions, you will realize that it doesn’t worth to complain aboutlack of job thus money, cause money can’t buy anything valuable.

Real life is priceless!

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