The European crisis

The first idea to get united the European nations as Europeans is during these days disappearing. I couldn’t see it before the European youth voice meeting.
Whoever caused that crisis, European nations are getting further from each away. Today is crisis.

Each country has to fight against each own growing unemployment, growing of nationalism or neonazism. For these topic has European Union no solution. It seems the European Union is confused and can’t solve it. Young people are without hope, helpless and sceptical. Each country needs to save money, makes reserve funds. That causes higher taxes and unsatisfied society. These factors let to get more power for left wings political parties or far right nationalists.
European Union established few projects to solve the unemployment but the situation is more complicated that unemployed people can’t write their CVs and can’t work in team. Students don’t want to work at engineering anymore. Universities need to have as many as possible enrolled students and graduated too. But there are less of young people than few years ago. That causes decreasing of education quality, because at universities isn’t only elite today. After graduation everybody needs to be manager or director because of his degree. That causes lack of blue collar workers, expensive working power for employers and lack of white collar positions. And of course via the principle of supply and demand: the market can’t healthy work.
Advice to European Union: stop that meaningless programmes and motivate people to industrial sector, show them the blue collar work isn’t humiliating and start up a school reforms!

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