To investigate or not?

“If you publish it, something can happen to your family.”

“We know where you live.”

Many investigative journalists often hear such sentences. They are being threatened in everyday life.  Although we live in 21st century in the times of democracy, in reality even in Europe we don`t always have the freedom of speech.  What should the journalist do if they are being threatened? Just go to the police? What if the police was the one who is threatening us?

On the European Seminar “Perspectives of Young People in Europe” in Athens we were discussing this topic with a young Greek journalist Giannis Papadopoulos. The one important question was outlined.

“Should the journalists who are being threatened continue to develop the story or stop?”

It must be really difficult for the journalists to decide what to do. They have to take everything into consideration…their job, family, place to live, even the life. Is it worthy to publish their findings, to tell the people the truth?

It depends on many factors, but the personality of journalist is certainly decisive.  It`s their decision if they are willing to risk and to fight for their rights.

Certainly the people in Europe should not wear pink glasses. The situation in many European countries is the same. Although it is declared, the right to speech is with such a high level of corruption not guaranteed. How can we secure the adherence of the human rights in such countries like China or Cuba if even in modern Europe we are not able to make it happened. Only one solution remains. We need to have more people who are not afraid to speak, who are able to stand for themselves and who never “shut” their mouths. These are the journalists.

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