What does Czech Youth think about Greece Youth?

For the beginning we have to start with ice breaking, understanding and knowing each other. And we have to leave us from the information which are we getting through the Czech media, when we after long time get anything. And actually for better understanding the situation is necessary to know each other, but let´s try it for now without it.

What do Czech Youth mean about Greece Youth? I asked few of Youths and they started to think about it, they didn´t have clear ideas about it because they told me, that they have not so much information about it, and when they get the information it is going to be almost negative. But after few moments I got these answers. Mostly it was high unemployment, others because of the unemployment are they migrating in other countries. Other answers were connected with words lazy, spoiled. But I got also the answers, which were connected with that for the Greeks is really important the family. Also I got one answer, which was: ,,they are in really bad situation, because they have to build their new future and new economics system etc..

As you can see there are more negative answers. And in my opinion when I met the Youth people in Greece, then I have to say they are mostly polite, they want to change the situation. And I think they can speak English more better than the Youth in the Czech Republic.

What should we do with that? Maybe the media should give us more information, we cannot say anything what is not our really experience, we have to test the things. Also is here one opportunity to prepare project for Youth people where are going also the Youth from Greece to participate. I would recommend let´s find any friends in Greece or visit Greece because that´s the best way how to understand Greece Youth. In nowadays is Europe open for lot´s of opportunities let´s exploit them. In the end I am going to say, that the situation in Greece is little bit strange, but problems with unemployment of Youth we have in lot´s of Europe countries.

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