Nowadays, we live in a world full of changes in all aspects of life due to one of the most serious economic recessions ever existed. A highly affected sector is the labor market. We all know to what extent unemployment level across Europe has increased and how negatively this situation impacted unemployed people’s psychology and perspectives.

Such has been the distance between the demand and the offer of employment that enterprises have set very strict criteria when it comes to selecting a candidate for a vacancy. In particular, companies always search for the best of the best candidate no matter what. Technical skills have always been crucial but with such a large availability of potential personnel, soft skills are gaining more and more ground.

Personal qualities such as multitasking ability, good time management, stress resistance, working effectively under pressure, attention to detail and many others are the ones which can help you excel in a position, produce high quality work and answer the question why you are the ideal candidate for a position. In other words, soft skills are the keys to make a difference and stand out from the crowd. Improving your soft skills means increasing your possibilities of finding the target job as soon as possible no matter how strong the competition is.
The question here is how can we add soft skills and improve the existing ones? What actions we should take to reach this target?

Actually, the first and foremost step is to develop our self-awareness by making a list of all our strengths and our weaknesses. In this way, we will better realize where to focus concerning our personal self-development. Secondly, we should accept criticism and learn sincerely from it. Very crucial tip is not to be afraid of failure and not let this fear keep us away from playing the game. One vital reason is that mistakes teach us how to move forward while make us who we are.

Furthermore, being socially active can have surprising effects on our progress. We should have our eyes open for a broad range of opportunities such as volunteering, seminars, conferences, internships, apprenticeships while we should generally seek more challenging occupations. Interpersonal skills and building relationships are highly related to taking initiatives even in our personal lives. After all, let’s not forget that the key is not to wait for something to happen but to make it happen!

Last but not least, positivism and optimism makes us stronger and increases our potential for success. Therefore, through our positive attitude to life, why not be the next pioneers struggling against all odds and most importantly, believing that we can make the impossible possible.

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