Youth unemployment in Czech Republic

In Czech Republic there is a trend that young people can’t find job because in our country is very high rate of unemployment. It’s not what it looks like. Yeah, in Czech Republic there is 8,4% unemployment, but if you are searching, you can find a good job! Today it is time when if you have connections you can get a job easier that you haven’t them. But everyone has connections you only shelter to come on how to use them. The problem is also that students want to go on university and get a degree and declining interest in manual fields.

Effect of decreasing the number of graduates in general and fewer and interest of students in technical fields is multiplied, creating a paradox in the labour market, where young people are out of work, and technical professions necessarily need influx of young skilled labour.

Everyone wants the best results with the least effort. The problem is also a young inexperience with writing CV’s and cover letters. A lot of young people are not able to write cover letter in enough quality and up with a full CV.

I think it is necessary that the young attend any training seminars in this field.

Maybe young people should focus on mutual exchange its experience in this sphere and to educate each other.


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