Living “abroad” or how is it to be an Eastern on the West

Each of us have travelled somewhere…for a weekend trip, vacation or business trip. But can you imagine leaving your country and start living in some other part of the world? Surely you can, some of you already did.

Is it harder to start living abroad or to move to the opposite side of your native country? Do you think it’s possible to be surrounded by your nation and still feel as a foreigner?
Here are some thoughts of a young woman from east of Slovakia, who decided to stay in the western part and establish her own family far away from the loving family.

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Picturesque houses, nature, history or customs are for many of us reason to be proud of where you come from. But desire of adventure, property or better social conditions is forcing one to change the smell of the home for the smog of the big city.

I am for sure not the only one who have chosen such a life, far away from my home and everything I love. And even though I am not alone any more, I still feel the need to return home, into a small village surrounded by the forest, into the village on the East Slovakia.

It is known about the mankind that we posses things, even though they don’t belong to us and unfortunately it is also the case when we, Easterns , feel how we are not wanted here on the West.

Improper notes, insults, damaging of the property, allusions how we “steal” jobs or how we overindulge in alcohol can be heard on daily basis. Social networks or media are full of this “issue” and there are a lot of people who share this opinion and foster it.

How fast a man forgets that we cannot change where we were born, where we come from, who were our ancestors and many more factors, which will go with us for the rest of our lives, whether we want it or not. And despite vernaculars Slovak language sounds beautifully in every part of the country, mostly when we have our hearts open. If only we ‘d be more considerate and tolerant to each other.

“What a blessing it is when you find a good people, with whom your heart feels like home.” *

Phil Bosmans, priest


* this quote was translated to English from the Slovak book, please excuse if any mistake occurred

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