Münster – The historical 3 cages of St. Lambert’s Church

A town in West Germany, Münster, is popular of its story of the religious group of the Anabaptists.

In 1534 Münster got recaptured and the 3 leaders of the Anabaptists got murdered. Their bodies were put into 3 cages on the tower of St. Lamberts Church.

Recently there was a huge discussion about putting down the cages because of getting remembered of that act of cruelty.

Nowadays the cages are still hanging on the tower in memory of the 3 Anabaptits.
We interwieved some tourists, students and Münster´s citizens asking their oppinions about the 3 historical cages hanging on the tower of St. Lambert’s Church.

Almost every citizen of Münster knows the history which is connected with that place. The tourists weren´t that much aware of the story. In general opinion the 3 cages are accepted as a symbol of Münster.  Locals and tourists don´t feel unwell with it and the cages are supposed to be the part
of the city. People can´t imagine the church without the cages.

Authors: Michelle Lennerová, Adriana Dankiewicz, Fadi Mustapha

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