Prestige – an example of solidarity in Europe

In 19 november of 2002, a boat full of fueloil sank at the northwest spanish coast, in Galicia. 77.000 tons of oil were spilled and the rich ecosystem and the main economic system, and ocean lifeforms perished.

The prestige problem is considered in third place of the top ten of the most expensive accidents in history. 200 km of the coast was contaminated.

The prestige is a clear example of solidarity in Europe. When the fueloil sank in the Galician coast, a lot of people from diferents places of Spain and Europe arrived to Galicia to help us.

“The first day we had two or three people working. The second day we continued a few tools, but on the third day, when I got to the parking lot I could not believe it, there were a lot of cars the stock doubled in Oia are something more than 3,000 residents and had over 4,000 volunteers, it was amazing. ” said the sculptor with emotion.

An beautiful example this tragedy was the case of Manfred, a German who was living in a sea cave in the coast of Galicia.

He was born in Germany and spent most of his childhood in there, raised in a family of seven brothers he went to Art School in Italy. After he got graduated, he started teaching art in Switzerland to help people to deal with social integration. His interest in the preservation of the environment and curiosity about the Galician coast led him to the Costa da Morte. In May 1962 he became immersed in the festivities of the HolySpirit Camelle. From that day on this lonely, educated, good looking tourist German moved to the village until his time of death.
After the Prestige accident in November 2002, oil pollution ruined his sculptures. It is believed that the german died because depression because of melancholy and sadness.
On November 9, 2010, a big storm destroyed his entire collection.

Here’s a video ofthe tragedy on youtube which gives a clear picture on the tragedy in Galician coast.

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