Bullying ! The social Sin


I could talk a lot, politics, music, so much that I like and understand with the palm of my hand, but I decided to opt for the more controversial path and talk about something that bothers me by your transparency, and international bullying everyone has heard but not everyone felt.
I’m sorry if I gave a definition so late that many suffered from it and have not had any help!
The word Bullying most shameful of the alphabet, destroyed people, but also created brilliant minds. We can say that it’s almost a mixture of pleasure and agony. But now let’s really what it’s about.
We’ve all had bad times in our lives, in that made us feel inferior, without any value, but that’s normal, nothing in life is perfect. I can say that I am a witness to this social sin that soured me and terrorized for years and years, without knowing that it would take him with me all my life!
I am the daughter of society that “killed” the teenagers, the tranquility of living youth trying to risk it to follow your wishes.

Bullying, built my dreams made me stronger and more versatile, taught me how to play with all the letters. Feeling less than made me lift and reverse all evil
This Sin on a power supply for my weakness.
Bullying still lives hidden in shame of many young people who fear the self-destruction. But the shame is the enemy of change, and to combat this social disability, we must put aside the fear of showing our weaknesses and try to destroy them dynamically and respectable. I don’t want to convey a message weak and dull this theme but just want to show that even on our side we have a victim who made good in hollow and backward society.

-Juliana Pene-

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  • jennifer loe

    Bullying can be physical, verbal and/or social. When someone physically bullies another, they use their greater physical strength to cause harm to the weaker person. In verbal bullying, there is no actual contact, but the harm done can be just as large. In these cases, the bully says derogatory things to his/her victim, who usually becomes too intimidated to respond, and ends up taking repeated abuse. In social bullying, a person or people of greater social status excludes someone else. So I suggest a safety application that your child could use if he/she in trouble, just check it here: http://safekidzone.com/#!/page_home.

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